Today is Wednesday! (Just in case you tend to forget what day it is like me) and today, we have another writer gracing this blog.
Larries and genrumen, Say hello to @Achi_va.
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They smiled while we cried.
We went hungry, they laughed at us starve.
Our needs fed their egos; we were lead out like errant sheep to the fields.
They butchered us like rams; we were after all less human.

‘Bring the infidels here, let their skin crawl.
Let us gaze upon their diseased skulls.’

I long for the days of joy, and nights when we watched the stars flicker.

To the emptiness we were condemned.
Fields of hate cultivated in our hearts.
They must never see my tears.
Carrying artillery twice my fragile frame,
Thrust in the path of blood, I saw the devil eye to eye.
He was black, clad in uniform and wore camouflage just like me.

Oh ye son of Solomon, where art thou riches?
Where art thou maidens?
Where art thou crown?
I was scared beyond measure, shivering where I stood.
Could he be talking to me?
Was I the object of his scorn?
Bastard child of the most high,
Thee have lost thy place.
Cast away from father’s presence;
Ye are nothing but gentile to him now.

My feet were sore, my soul frightened.
We were children forced to fight the war of men.
The battlefield was stained with the blood of children.
I heard war cries in the distance.
‘Screeches of pain’ he groaned in the sand.
One leg gone, one arm gone and yet he could still smile.
His name was Ikenna; ‘I will be a doctor one day’ he’d once told me.
He dreamed of a life beyond the war; I saw the life drain from his eyes.

‘Amobi get under the bed, whatever happens, don’t come out’
I watched as they slid into her, one, two, three and four.
I counted them as they took turns, I could see her and she me.
I saw it in her eyes, emotions words couldn’t convey.
She whispered; I couldn’t hear her feeble attempts at speech.
They left and took her eyes with them, those of her heart and those on her face.
She no longer looked upon the world; she saw the world for what it truly was.
She died in my arms.
It was then I decided I would die for BIAFRA.

We fought for freedom they said,
For they butchered our brothers and raped our sisters till they bled air.
They fed our mothers to dogs and the phallus of father to son.
All will be well; we just have to kill our enemies.
The world is our oyster; we can fuck it up however we please.
I am the voice of an ignorant generation.
We are one they say,
But can unity be forged on the blood of infants?
I am man now, but I will never forget.


Ramblings of a sedated eunuch,
The rants of the evil godmother,
The ideas that come to my mind when heart is asleep.

Tread carefully child for the path is one of poisonous thorns and sinking sand.
The purple berries, though shining bright in the morning, will turn venomous serpents at night.
My heart needs succour and my soul respite.

The paranoia eases to the surface, I am terrified by things I cannot see.
I inhale hope and yet puke uncertainty.

I see obscenities in my sleep; they’re why I never go to bed.
For I see most clearly when my eyes are shut.
I hate me with menacing rage.

My anger will destroy me; you will be there to see it.
My self-pity will engulf my senses, yes I know it.
I keep looking over my shoulder; my senses are such a mess.
I touch when I want to smell.
See when I want to hear.
Hear when I need to touch.
I see enemy and call friend.
I tried to get a whiff of the gunpowder and found myself here.


I recently read Chimamanda’s ‘HALF OF A YELLOW SUN’. I know I know; my last is epic shey? Hold your horses’ people. These are excerpts of some of the thoughts that filtered through the pages of the book while I read. I am Yoruba by the way, not that it matters.
Rise above the shackles of ethnicity.


Decided to add the disclaimer that came with the story because I liked it. Lol.
Hope you enjoyed that!
Some sad news people! Phantom Pages didn’t win the Best Writing blog at the Nigerian Blog Awards. Lol.
Better luck next year!
Congratulations to all the winners! The Sarcastic Centre that gave me reasons to laugh this year, I love you guys running it. Bless your souls for the deserved win!

Might not be writing anything till January. Well not stories anyway.
Was going to do a series for December but decided to shelve the thought.
For December, I’ll probably do a 30 days challenge. People tell me what they want me to talk about everyday and I’ll write on it.
They’ll be my views of course.
If you want me to rant, give me rant topics!
Anyway, I will let you all know when the time comes.

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