Today, I’ve got a new guest writer in the coven! Give a warm and hearty welcome to @tarhyel!!
His two-part poetry today would be our meal today. Do enjoy!

God’s Unwanted

Why do you continue to ripple the waters of my inner peace?

For what reason do I deserve such torment?

Let me be, let me listen to that sweet sound of silence,

To take refuge in that vast void in which I reside.

Away from the chaos of your world;

From your so called pleasures which are but illusions of ephemeral value.

You persecute me because I take no part in your Ignorance?

No more, for I have persevered long enough.

I accepted you with a heart cheering and bright as the stars

But know this, from the brightest star comes the blackest of holes

I shall render your lands desolate.

All existence affiliated to you shall be no more.

What is it you value most in this world?

I shall take pleasure in ripping it apart,

As I watch your heart disintegrate along with it.

Expose you to agony even the devil could not comprehend;

Roister not over your demise, for death is only the beginning.

I shall take you portals far beyond the knowledge of Hades.

As for your unborn seeds, it is their Fate to suffer the sins of the father.

For they will be delivered in the After-Life

For all eternity you shall remain in the spiral of Pandemonium.

From this moment forth you remain cursed.

God hears you not, for He sees justice in my actions.

You have been labelled The Unwanted Children of God.

The Light of Dark (God’s Unwanted II)

Trapped, Confined in a place where time is an illusion.

Warmth, peace and love can only be imaginary.

For all we know these feelings have somehow become lost in time.

A dimension where the only horizon is darkness swallowing darkness,

Where the cause of every action is evil,

And the effect even more evil.

It wasn’t always like this.

A price we pay for embracing the euphoric gift of free will.

Judgement, placed upon us by a certain being; the righteous one.

He possessed powers far beyond the fathom of any mortal,

Proof that he is aided by a divine presence.

And so he labelled us GOD’S UNWANTED, children of the dark…

So be it then, for within the spreading darkness, we have found a new light;

A light with a dark aura,

An army of banished souls,

Uncouth beings, all with a common resolve,

To bring death to the righteous.

A legion for we are many.

Like the beasts we are, we shall claw our way up to the heavens,

And burn it all to dust.

Hear my words for on this day; there shall be a cry louder than anyone all that is has ever heard before,

And upon victory spread our rule across the entire universe.

For those who oppose our will, come; we will be waiting,

To welcome you with open claws.

Reading this the first time gave me delicious chills.
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