Hey! Today, I’ve got @coolprincee in the house with some of his poetry. Been having a lot of poetry here eh? Lol.
Anyway, READ!



I stare at him.

I see the reflection of a broken man,

scars on his face,

cuts deep into his soul.

Pale looking face,

seemingly emotionally frigid,

but I can tell he’s hurting deep inside.

His lips trying to move.

I hear the stories of painful past.

l stare into his dark eyes;

there’s a darkness in his soul.

his nostrils drawing in air,

life is suffocating.

I connect with him;

his pain is too much to feel.

I empathise with him.

Transfer aggression,

I can feel his rage clenched in my fists.

Impulsively, I throw a punch.

He shatters into a thousand pieces.

All I now feel is my blood soaked knuckle.

I see him in broken pieces,

In the broken MIRROR.


Life’s a Bitch.
She defiled me in my young innocence, held tight her hand on my mouth so I couldn’t scream. I tried to struggle but she was way stronger than me, effortless she ripped my clothes apart and in the process, tore my flesh with her nails, leaving scars of her lustful violence on my skin and mind.
I lay there weak and helplessly watching as she stripped to reveal her nakedness.
Pounced heavily on my small body she did, as she moaned loudly, her sounds of ecstasy.
I struggled beneath just so I could breathe.
Between my legs, I felt the her warmth as trickles of love juice spilled on my groin. A brief pause and large exhale signalled her sadomasochistic orgasm.
The evil deed has been done.
The smirk on her face soon changes to a mean look of disgust as she stares at a weak me, panting heavily and totally exhausted from her sinful act.

Tired, weak, aching and half naked, I’m thrown into a the cold world.
I fear no evil other than the one I just encountered for that which didn’t kill me only made me stronger.
I have become stronger from the force of craving vengeance, my blood embittered and thirsty for sweet revenge.
Over the years,  I’ve grown into a worthy adversary with matching strength to confront my sworn enemy.

Behold the hour of vengeance which I have sought after has finally come.

I have come face to face with Life again.
I clench my already drawn sword, ready to draw blood and my veins, visible swollen and ready to bleed. My face is painted with the dark colours of anger.
Just before I let down my sword down to strike like a lighting bolt to the ground, I9 realise within the space of two heart beats there’s still a part of the once young innocent one in me.
The look in her eyes is an attempt to conceal pity and remorse within her soul. She has seen the monster she made of me.
One forgiveness and I have ceased to become to monster in me.
Overwhelmed, a paroxysm of emotions rushing to my heart, I loose grip of my sword as I drop down on my knees and loosen my heavy armour to lighten my burden.

It is time to move on.
I’m heading down a new path, where the sun is brighter; where flowers blooms through each seasons and where the wind whistles so it can whisper to my soul.


Hope you liked that! Do let @coolprincee know what you think!

I’ll see you tomorrow!