This would be our Day 28 post by @nosmass_efx. Lol. Totally forgot about that because of an anime was watching.
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What are we? Who are we?
Who are we to judge like they do?
Who gave us that authority?
We were told to show compassion

But We act like them.
We wear white thinking that makes Us pure.
Makes us better.
We think We are special.
We judge as they do.
We judge by sight.
He taught us better.

Who were We before We knew Him?
Do We even know Him?
We claim We do but I don’t see Him in Us.
We judge.
We stand on a high place.
We believe We are better.
But Our pride is a blindfold.
It puts on a veil of “purity”
But beyond that veil is filth.
Decadent minds
Pride filled hearts which rot away
The filthy stench of brimstone
The foolishness of a proud people
And that foolishness…
It will be Our undoing

We are the Hypocrites.

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