Love was the first kiss we shared at the back of an empty 21 bus bound to Newington Green.
Love was the sparkle in your eye as our kiss broke and stared at each other anew.
Love was the fumbling fingers that almost dropped the ring when you formally made me yours.
Love was the tears when we found out we would never have children because I was barren.
Love was forgiveness when I found out you fathered a child outside home.
Love was the hand that fed you when you were ill.
Love was the hands that held yours when we found out you were going to die.
Love is the hands that is removing you off the Life Support machine.
Love would throw clumps of sand on your casket.
And Love would…
What would love do now?


Hands raised high in anticipation;
Sharp inhaled and exhaled breaths,
Betraying my early frantic gyration.
It is time for you to come.
The Invocation of my Demon Brother.


Muse sits down and crosses her legs, feet tapping inside my head.
‘It’s my turn! Pay attention to me’ she seems to say.
Quickly, I drop all I am doing and try to embrace her.
As a lost lover, or friend perhaps.
Her mocking laugh, jeers
As she turns into wisps of smoke.
I grasp at empty space.


The journal said we were originated from Earth.
We thought we came from Urai.
Urai lays abandoned now, in ashes.
We thought we came from Jyupi.
Jyupi is a wasteland, torn asunder.
But no, we are from Earth.
We are going back there.
My brother and I,
To destroy Earth.


Spur of the moment shenanigan.
Random is as random does.
Have a lovely weekend break.