I closed my eyes, heart beating fast partly in excitement and righteous anger. Soon, it slowed and I found myself on a familiar path, partially concealed by wet vegetation. I ran, frame tucked snugly under a sweaty armpit and the building rose to view, gleaming strangely, standing out in the sepia hue of the dreamscape. I walked boldly to the huge door and pulled on the ornate handle. The door didn’t budge.
I frowned.
“He must die. Fucking piece of shit. Humiliating me! I thought you were my friend! You were mine! I’ll fuck you up this time! FUCKING DIE!”
Eyebrows furrowed in concentration, my cursing rising like a mantra until it built to shrieks, spittle flying out of hate-filled lips like missiles.
I tried the door again and this time, it opened.
I stepped in, breathing heavily, a triumphant smile on my face like an ugly scar.
Without need for guidance I walked with purpose till I reached the red door. I pushed it open, walking into the gallery. Pictures hanged across the walls.
Walking to where I had deposited my last frame, I hung the frame I brought on the wall and stepped back to admire him, smiling at me from his picture.
I smiled back.
“If I can’t have you, no one else will”
Without pause, I turned and walked out, waking into reality.
I grinned.

“It’s a pity”
“Yea, a pity”
“So full of life. Life is too short. Na wa”
I hummed in response, eyes blazing with unholy glee. I walked away from the scene of the accident, squeezing pieces of his photo I had torn apart after he had dropped me off.
“No hard feelings abi?”
I suddenly let them go, spraying them like a confetti, a bitter laugh bubbling from within the confines of my chest.
“None at all. Don’t mess with me…”

She repeated the same words to me, her eyes red rimmed with mourning.
“Don’t you dare mess with me! You did it!”
I studied her under hooded eyes, fingers tapping on my books haphazardly strewn on the desk.
“Stop talking rubbish. We have our next lecture soon” I finally muttered, getting up to leave.
She pushed me roughly, bursting into fresh sobs.
“You killed him! Because he rejected you! YOU KILLED HIM, DEMON!”
My fingers twitched, wanting to grab her thin neck and wring it just to watch her big, stupid cute eyes beg for mercy before death.
I laughed instead.
I held a hand to my mouth, unable to stifle my giggles. Tears streamed from my face as my stomach clenched. Wiping my face, I leaned into her shocked face.
“Prove it” I whispered and snorted.
My heart pounded in excitement, a familiar throbbing feeling between my legs as I took my books and left the hall.
I couldn’t wait.
I couldn’t wait to lay down and sleep.

Door locked, I picked up my old picture album of us as teenagers, waiting to get letters of admission. With care, I cut out her picture from a photograph of two of us grinning sheepishly at an unseen camera man.
The throb between my legs intensified.
My fingers shook slightly.
My breathing became gasps.
Suddenly, my eyes closed and I twitched, biting a moan from escaping.
Slowly, I stilled and I raised the picture up, glazed eyes eyeing up my former friend.

That night, I took a little pill to help me sleep faster, her picture underneath my pillow.
I walked a familiar path and hung a frame up on the gallery wall.
I woke up immediately and tore the picture underneath my pillow to pieces, chewing them and spitting out the gob.
With a sigh, I laid back and drifted back to dreamless sleep.

I was woken up by wailing and shouts.
Linda’s remains laid in an indecent heap on the ground floor, four stories below.

As written on musedminds.com by yours truly.
(Inspired by an interesting manhwa)