I like you. 

And because I like you, I’m curious about you. I’m a very curious individual. I’m obsessive in my curiosity. 

I want to study you to the smallest detail. I want to know what makes you happy, what makes you tick. I want to watch your eyes move; I want to watch them slow down in appreciation of what you see. I want to listen to your breathing. I want to control your breathing. Make it fast, the panting of pleasure. A deep long sigh of satisfaction as it slows.

I want to put you under a microscope.

I want to know how your body works. Can I tear you apart? I would be gentle. I like you so much, i want to open you up with a scapel. 

I want to have an intimate relationship with your organs. Counting and recounting your ribs, stroking the long, stretchy stringy warm chewy intestines of yours. 

I want to nibble on you. Your cute hanging ear lobes, watching You twitch. You’re so ticklish. I want to find your other sensitive spots. The ones inside you that make you twitch. I want to play with your nerves and perhaps imagine the electric conductance that makes you move. I bet it’s so sexy.

I want your heart. I bet it would feel warm in my hands. I want to hold it, feel it jerk as it pumps blood, glistening. 

I like you too much. It is hard to keep my hands off you. It’s hard to not be obsessive around you. When you hold me, I want to hold you tight, hold your throat tight. I want my hands to make your neck their home. 

I want to cut you up and crawl inside you and seal myself in. 

I want to breathe you in. Shred you, powder you and snort you up my nostrils like cocaine.

That way you can be in me and I can be in you.

But I can’t. 

So I’m stuck here, watching you sleep peacefully, wracked with the pain of longing, body quaking, waiting to burst open my floodgates of desire on you.

Your chest slowly rises in sleep oh so seductively and my fingers itch, wanting to grab my toolbox, carve you up and crawl inside you.

But I don’t.

I just watch you sleep a smile on my face, spittle dribbling unchecked from my weak lips.

As I watch you from outside your window.