It was the Year 3512.. It was not like How people anticipated the future to be. Back in the Year 2011, people still believed that in the near future, Man would have reached the pinnacle of inventions and technology to the point where Man had a flying couch that he could shower, shit, n bathe in.. That Man would press a button to think, a button to sleep..  They envisioned Man becoming more Inactive living solely in Mind, technology a vicarious substitute for the Human Body..
All that changed after the Holocaust.. It was the Year 2012 and like any other Tuesday, everyone was getting on their daily business, trying to live like they see on Tv and subconsciously play their favorite character wherever they went.

…He woke up 6:45am alarm beeping.. He gave up on trying to wake up naturally cause once upon a time during a work day, he overslept n missed a promotion. He brushed his teeth, shaved his beard, had some Cereal and was ready for work. 7:20, he was on the road going to work.. Traffic.. The Usual sounds of Horns from angry motorists when no one was going anywhere.. Anything to distract them from the feeling of doing nothing.

  He arrived at work 7:52, Signed in, and was particularly feeling in a good mood today. He wore his favourite tie and had this smile on his face like he had just won a lottery. Typical day, greeting coworkers and making empty sounds with their mouths they call conversation….. 10:32. He gets bored on the job and starts looking for a distraction.. A few minutes later, a sexy coworker was making her way to the bathroom.. They stared at each other and let out a little smile.. There was obviously chemistry but both were just too scared to push it further. She had this striped blue/white blouse worn tucked into a grey skirt accentuating her lovely hips and butt. She walked past Him n he stared  at her ass with lust.. A vivid fantasy came to play in this head where he could just pause time at the office, rip her clothes off and ride her like an Animal. He pictured every position he possibly could in his mind, and imagined how she would look naked.. How her nipples would look like on her bare breasts, the position, the size, the colour..
   A coworker broke him from his daydream.. An ANgry face flashed for just a second then he covered it up with a fake smile.. The coworker said something to Him and he just nodded in approval not really listening to what he was saying.. If only this coworker knew the evil thoughts playing in his head about him for distracting Him from his perfect fantasy..


   It was 4:24pm and all the trivial illusory work had finished.. He went on a stroll with Her.. His fantasy girl.. They walked out the office and talked about things like, How boring the office is, the weather, their boss, what they showed on Tv last night.. They were actually getting along and he felt a deep feeling of satisfaction within…and then it happened. Like A Billion Razor blades shot at lightning speed, the Holocaust happened gutting n slicing away all Humans from the face of the Earth.  After the Holocaust, the WHole World was covered in Blood, red everywhere, pieces of flesh scattered everywhere from different parts of the human anatomy.
Everything got destroyed.. What was left was just one family underground.. a black man in his 30s, a 28-year-old fair Indian Wife and twins, Black girl, White Guy both 9 years old.. It was not until 10 years later that the kids could also procreate.. However, when the boy was 14, he started fucking his mother and she gave birth to three of his kids before 19.. When they reached 19, the father disvirgined his daughter.. She had his baby.. Also the twin brother fucked her and she gave birth.. This was how they continued..
Skip to the Year 3512.. The Holocaust had Wiped out all technology.. No internet, Money had become useless. A total collapse of moral values. People were living more like animals, having sex with each other…brother, sister, son mother, father daughter, mother daughter.. They were more instinctive and were living in dilapidated houses, wearing torn ragged clothes. Nobody built anything. They just preyed on each other since most of the animals and plants were wiped out. The weak got overpowered by the strong and they got cooked for meals. Three square meals a day meant more than a thousand weaklings died everyday consumed by the more powerful. This was why the men had to mate like animals and be strong like lions and the women had to be very slutty as sexiness was a woman’s power. The More Reserved ones were killed and their breasts were barbecued n eaten.

It was Chaos…

Everyday was hell! You never knew if you were going to be next; just a piece of meat for your fellow-man. Your fellow brother and sister to devour. Those who did not conform were debased; sodomised; forced to perform depraved acts. They laughed in joyous ecstasy like hyenas while this was going on. If a man was too weak and didn’t fuck well, they had a technique where they turned their hips and break his dick off! They then grilled it and eat it as sausage…

This Was the Future.. No homes, no electricity, no technology. Just Pure Evil and Destruction. Men had become beasts and women had become nymphos.

No Rules; No Laws; JUST PURE EVIL!

This was the Future..

Year 3512…


by Dionysus