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Day 14- The Agoge

Today, I’ve got my Pie Poet @pieinstomach. He writes for the Dancil blog along with a couple of other cool guys. Anyway here it is.


I am gone into the fields
To ply my solemn trade
In forests made of steel
Men such as I are made

And broken. We were wrought
In fire, we were schooled
“Let Glory be your lust ”
And lusting, we were fuelled”

Here I was made to dance
“Forsake both bone and joint”
Body became as blade
And hand, the sharpened point

Many fell where I stand now Engarbed in cloth and bronze
The school unsees all failure Disowns her fallen sons

But for those left, the glory!
We climb from fire to fame
And with my foe’s anointing
All Greece will know my name

A stab of icy iron
A block with battered shield
A lunge with grissly purpose
Strike and water the field

The fires here burn brighter
By stealing yet more flame
This man was my sword-brother Now, only I remain…

It is a deadly beauty
The baptism of blood
The fates lay hold of man
And spin him into god

A higher form of life.
A finer sense of all
The wills of two will clash
The will of one will fall…


Haven’t got much to say today. Ok, I do. A happy birthday to Miss @Cherybola. I know you wouldn’t have expected this. Have fun!!!!
That being said, been a bit of a struggle writing a story. Im not too bothered as at yet. I want to write for myself so won’t push or hurry it.
If you want me to talk about anything, let me know!
Oh and if you think you want to contribute, Please do!!!!

That’s it for today

Chairs to the sitting weekend.


Today’s post is a poem. Enjoy.

Wooden beads black and round
From the first time they held hands
Lips moved and thoughts told without sound
As fingers drew hearts in the sand

The yellow walls reflected her joy
As they sat by the fireplace
Disaffected by the world’s never ending ploys
A single shadow shared in quiet solace

The fights, they started small
Words thrown around and resolved in haste
And then they grew tall
And laid her love to waste

Between her legs, where others cavorted
Remained closed to him
So he took his keys and his wallet
And buried himself in gin

He screamed and shouted, shrieked and growled
She didn’t flinch, she’d never repent
Her ears deaf to his tortured howls
He crawled into the corner, when he was spent

His breaths are short and harried
Because alas, the pain hasn’t tarried
He has warred and he has prayed
But all for naught, she will not stay

Hearts break like cheap china
Hearts break like cheap china
Day breaks awash with desire
But hearts break like cheap china.

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