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Day 21- Death is Saving Me

Hey all! Tarhyel takes us through today!

Death is Saving Me

You know nothing of my kind

And you try to know what runs inside,

When I put on my evil smile.

But the more you know, the less you like.

Never has someone lived in such an aura of Apathy.

Is it over yet? you ask yourself.

What feeling is this in which I dwell?

You conquer your fear of courage and dig deeper;

Through my Iris, you find my soul.

Unexcused, Unabsorbed, Alone but Unafraid;

Unexplained, Unresolved, is it worth the price you pay?

You give me yours, for I have no heart.

You must be the Alchemy of all that is Loving.

My biggest fear Love, has come to me:

Death it seems, is saving me.

My lone-some existence has died,

Risen from Ash my Life can begin.

You bared the wounds on your back,

Scars untold upon your heart.

You are the one who stopped at nothing to set me free.

In this moment of eternity, I make a vow,

Never shall my WILL be undone;

To Love you with my all now and long after I’m gone.


It’s Friday. Cheers to the coming weekend and holiday!

Day 20

Pie san’s day.


The confusion as the answers fade away
May the mysteries of the morrow
Be prevailed upon today

And in time The coffin beckons
And the feet hurry to go
Graying head is full of questions Heart, with maelstrom, beats below

It is weary, All is dreary
Leave desire, find your rest
Leave the chase of shady answers Never found, then lost is best

Lonely spirit, Can you feel it?
There is no one left to care
No quintessence, take your presence
Pack your longings, bring them here…

Three years today, a friend was stabbed to death over a Facebook argument. I was going to write something but i am a dry well.
I remembered this from Pie san and decided to use. I am just realising how apt this is.
This is for you, Salum Kombo.

Day 14- The Agoge

Today, I’ve got my Pie Poet @pieinstomach. He writes for the Dancil blog along with a couple of other cool guys. Anyway here it is.


I am gone into the fields
To ply my solemn trade
In forests made of steel
Men such as I are made

And broken. We were wrought
In fire, we were schooled
“Let Glory be your lust ”
And lusting, we were fuelled”

Here I was made to dance
“Forsake both bone and joint”
Body became as blade
And hand, the sharpened point

Many fell where I stand now Engarbed in cloth and bronze
The school unsees all failure Disowns her fallen sons

But for those left, the glory!
We climb from fire to fame
And with my foe’s anointing
All Greece will know my name

A stab of icy iron
A block with battered shield
A lunge with grissly purpose
Strike and water the field

The fires here burn brighter
By stealing yet more flame
This man was my sword-brother Now, only I remain…

It is a deadly beauty
The baptism of blood
The fates lay hold of man
And spin him into god

A higher form of life.
A finer sense of all
The wills of two will clash
The will of one will fall…


Haven’t got much to say today. Ok, I do. A happy birthday to Miss @Cherybola. I know you wouldn’t have expected this. Have fun!!!!
That being said, been a bit of a struggle writing a story. Im not too bothered as at yet. I want to write for myself so won’t push or hurry it.
If you want me to talk about anything, let me know!
Oh and if you think you want to contribute, Please do!!!!

That’s it for today

Chairs to the sitting weekend.

Day 13-Scream

Hey guys…
Umm… Think we’ll be having a poem from me. Well, dunno if it’s a poem but kinda dictates my mood now. Something i wrote some time in October.


Scream for the past!
Widen your eyes in dismay.
Throw yourself with vexation for the broken promises.
Tear at the hard earth with your nails for the betrayals.
One after another, they came didn’t they?

Scream for the present!
Tear your clothes!
Gouge your skin raw with your nails.
Scream and shriek!
Scream for the burdens of today.
Let your eyes know tears for the suffering.
Dig your nails into your scalp and pull hard.
Scream in pain as your pull out clumps of hair attached to skin.
Let the blood run down your face.
Roll your naked self on cobbled stones.
Feel the bite of pain that nibbles in places where hard abrasion occurs.
Let your blood surly the stone earth.

Scream for the future!
Scream for the monsters, the vultures.
Scream for the hopelessness.
The hungry nights, the stolen bread.
Scream for the jailed bird, the jaded bird.
Prod your fingers into your eyes and scream.
Scream as you pull your eyeballs out of their sockets.

Let your eyes know darkness.
Cry blood!
Arch your back and scream!
Crawl on the floor!
Mewl and growl!

I’ll scream if i wasn’t too tired. Lol.
See you later. Have a lovely day.

Day 7 -Black Widow // Erotica

Hey! Today, decided to hand the floor over to @Tarhyel.
Second time here; another beautiful bouquet of poetry.


Black Widow

She mourns forever, she’s a black widow.

Cursed by Selene the moon goddess herself,

Cast down to earth a plague amongst men.

Beauty divine, reincarnation of an angel;

Heart as black as the flames of hell.

Lecherous appetite for men,

Looks so seductive yet sinister.

She possesses whomever she wants.

A vortex of forbidden pleasures she promises you.

All she asks is your soul in return;

Such a small price to pay for a night with a goddess.

It is but of course not aleatory that her beauty is peaked during the full lunar. nights

She knows Selene sets out to retrieve what rightfully belongs to her,

The soul of a fallen man.

Such agony she feels for she falls in love with every man she lays with,

Listening to the cadence of his last breath.

Eyes sparkle as tears depart from them.

A new day approaches, a curse rekindled

She mourns forever, she’s a black widow.


Eyes of burning desire,

 An Angel’s face with a bed devil’s grin.

 As the night swallows the day, thus a tingling sensation engulfs the body.

 I lust for her, I’m in love with my lust.

 Willingly I give in, and let nature take its rightful place.

Fingers run through hair full of lustre,

 Her skin is soft, and her grasp is strong.

 Pleasure finds pain and together they resonate in harmony,

 Ever so luxuriant are her silent screams of ecstasy.

 She is my Erotica, Reason for my Eroticism.

 Intertwined strings of life’s fate has brought us together.

 Sight, Smell, Touch, Taste and Sound of her;

 All five senses elevated to a higher state.

The Uncanny fusion between Man and Woman,

 Two souls have acquired Oneness,

 A higher Consciousness is attained.

 The realm of the physical is no more.

 The essence of free spirit ascending to the heavens,

 Welcomed by the Cosmos,

 And for a split second, I touch the hand of GOD,

 For this feeling of purity can only be Evanescent,

Hence I marvel at her powers,

 And lie in Awe at her unveiled world of enigmatic Beauties.


And that is it from @Tarhyel for today! A fantastic writer if I might say so myself.
Do leave your comments, we’d appreciate that.
Have a lovely end to the weekday!

Day 2- God’s Unwanted

Today, I’ve got a new guest writer in the coven! Give a warm and hearty welcome to @tarhyel!!
His two-part poetry today would be our meal today. Do enjoy!

God’s Unwanted

Why do you continue to ripple the waters of my inner peace?

For what reason do I deserve such torment?

Let me be, let me listen to that sweet sound of silence,

To take refuge in that vast void in which I reside.

Away from the chaos of your world;

From your so called pleasures which are but illusions of ephemeral value.

You persecute me because I take no part in your Ignorance?

No more, for I have persevered long enough.

I accepted you with a heart cheering and bright as the stars

But know this, from the brightest star comes the blackest of holes

I shall render your lands desolate.

All existence affiliated to you shall be no more.

What is it you value most in this world?

I shall take pleasure in ripping it apart,

As I watch your heart disintegrate along with it.

Expose you to agony even the devil could not comprehend;

Roister not over your demise, for death is only the beginning.

I shall take you portals far beyond the knowledge of Hades.

As for your unborn seeds, it is their Fate to suffer the sins of the father.

For they will be delivered in the After-Life

For all eternity you shall remain in the spiral of Pandemonium.

From this moment forth you remain cursed.

God hears you not, for He sees justice in my actions.

You have been labelled The Unwanted Children of God.

The Light of Dark (God’s Unwanted II)

Trapped, Confined in a place where time is an illusion.

Warmth, peace and love can only be imaginary.

For all we know these feelings have somehow become lost in time.

A dimension where the only horizon is darkness swallowing darkness,

Where the cause of every action is evil,

And the effect even more evil.

It wasn’t always like this.

A price we pay for embracing the euphoric gift of free will.

Judgement, placed upon us by a certain being; the righteous one.

He possessed powers far beyond the fathom of any mortal,

Proof that he is aided by a divine presence.

And so he labelled us GOD’S UNWANTED, children of the dark…

So be it then, for within the spreading darkness, we have found a new light;

A light with a dark aura,

An army of banished souls,

Uncouth beings, all with a common resolve,

To bring death to the righteous.

A legion for we are many.

Like the beasts we are, we shall claw our way up to the heavens,

And burn it all to dust.

Hear my words for on this day; there shall be a cry louder than anyone all that is has ever heard before,

And upon victory spread our rule across the entire universe.

For those who oppose our will, come; we will be waiting,

To welcome you with open claws.

Reading this the first time gave me delicious chills.
Tarhyel would love feedbacks so people, tell him what you think!
Again, if you think you have a random topic for me to yarn dust about, comment and let me know! 😀

The Conflagration of St Lucifer

Ah Dionysus is here again with his controversial controversy pieces.




Shackled from the head to the feet,
No longer would he envision the street.
Punished solely for being sincere,
St Lucifer rages with a fiery stare.
Music was his gift and he would play no more;
His fingers all severed, fallen to the floor.
Art was his passion and he would see no more;
Both his eyes plucked, bleeding at its core.
Knowledge was his treasure to adorn,
Black nails did they hammer into his brain, they called horns.
Pure pleasure was his only desire,
Intense pain was what he got from his sire.
Adventure was his to inspire,
his spine pulled out of his back forever made a crawler.
Serpent became his symbolic form.
The most beautiful of all angels he was, before the deform.
Metal did they heat in the fire,
Searing the flesh with no respite.
After he had been tortured and burnt red,
‘DEVIL’ was what they labelled on his forehead.
Books did they write about his notoriety,
Where pure creativity was labelled sorcery.
He made a promise before drawing his last breath,
That he would capture the souls of all living on the earth.
‘HELL’ they called his kingdom of knowledge for Ignorance is Bliss.
Heaven is a place where man need not resist.
Art, music and literature is his gift to the world.
He is the unappreciated hero of every boy and girl.
Something was wrong and that’s why He came again.
Creativity and pain go together like Water and Rain.
Tee Hee! 😀


Today’s post is a poem. Enjoy.

Wooden beads black and round
From the first time they held hands
Lips moved and thoughts told without sound
As fingers drew hearts in the sand

The yellow walls reflected her joy
As they sat by the fireplace
Disaffected by the world’s never ending ploys
A single shadow shared in quiet solace

The fights, they started small
Words thrown around and resolved in haste
And then they grew tall
And laid her love to waste

Between her legs, where others cavorted
Remained closed to him
So he took his keys and his wallet
And buried himself in gin

He screamed and shouted, shrieked and growled
She didn’t flinch, she’d never repent
Her ears deaf to his tortured howls
He crawled into the corner, when he was spent

His breaths are short and harried
Because alas, the pain hasn’t tarried
He has warred and he has prayed
But all for naught, she will not stay

Hearts break like cheap china
Hearts break like cheap china
Day breaks awash with desire
But hearts break like cheap china.

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