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Book of the Dead: Fellowship of the Three


His naturally pale skin looked even more translucent in death. His blonde hair which he kept long, hung limply at the sides. Unseeing dead eyes open, looked out to the world as if drinking in every last detail before his soul fled. There was an odd beauty to this figure, even though his protruding tongue made it look grotesque.
Adam Church admired his dead body hanging in the privacy of his bathroom, aided by the shower curtain chords.
“Handsome even in death” he whispered, caressing his cold, stiffening cheek.
Very handsome”

Weeks Earlier

“…..I’d say you’re going mad! Seeing a dead man? Yup! Mad it is!”
Adam sighed and looked at the beautiful woman sitting opposite him at Costa Cafe with exasperation.
He sighed again.
“Listen Anna, it was just a rhetorical question. Something somebody asked at work.”
He watched her knitted auburn brows relax with relief.
A small but dazzling smile touched her face. She put her hand over his and gently squeezed, changing the topic.
While he pretended to listen to her prattle about ‘God-awful Jane at work’, his mind went back to the question he had asked.
‘What would you say if I told you, I saw your ex-husband?’
The truth is that he could bet his high rise apartment and car that he saw his ex-friend.
Hallucinations caused by guilt?
He was a man without scruples. Guilt didn’t come naturally to him. He wouldn’t have gotten to his current office position if he had been a man prone to guilt.
Maybe it was madness.
I wonder what mother would say? Wayward son, dead. Golden son, mad.
He couldn’t confide in his mother.
He nodded noncommittally to Anna’s stories, glad she was oblivious to the little changes in his behaviour.
Anna: Beautiful but dumb.
How he liked them.

Then he saw him.
They were seated opposite each other, with Anna, directly backing a mirror.
That was where he saw him.
On the mirror.
His hands, gently resting on Anna’s shoulders, dead malevolent eyes, glaring at him, his horribly life-like lips stretched in a wicked grin.
Adam’s heart skipped a beat and he tore his gaze away from the spectre massaging his girl friend’s shoulder.
“Anna let’s go” he said, getting up and leaving the cafe.


Andy admired himself in front of the mirror.
“Thirty-two and perfect” he whispered to himself, exposing his pearly-white teeth.
He stared into his deep blue eyes fanned by silky long lashes. He had inherited his mother’s looks. Instead of looking effeminate, he managed to transform even the smooth rosebud lips into handsome MALE features.
He smiled at himself again and suddenly, he yelped, jumping back from his reflection.
There he was again, staring at him through the looking glass, in the privacy of his own bathroom.
He ran out of the bathroom, closing the door behind in with a resounding THUD.
What was this?
This was the fourth sighting.
Adam ran into bed, regretting his sending Anna home, as he cowered under his duvet.
His reflections cowered with him in the mirrors which he had used to surround his bedroom. He was a man prone to vanity after all.
“Pathetic” he whispered, suddenly angry.
He jumped out of bed and walked to the bathroom, brandishing a bedside stool.
“Fuck you if you think I’d cower! Fuck you!”
He stood by the door, looking at himself in the mirror, waiting for his nemesis to appear.
“Goddamned stupid fool. I bested you at everything. So what? I took your bloody job! So what! You were a blubbering idiot! I was better looking and more suited! Your wife left you for me! SO FUCKING WHAT!”
His chest heaved in anger…and fear.
“I was better. We were best friends man but damn you! I was better! You didn’t deserve Anna. No you didn’t!”
He saw movement at the periphery of his eyes and turned sharply, stool raised in offence.
He was losing his mind.
He walked into the bathroom and peered closely at the mirror.
Nothing was behind him.
No one.
1 minute.
5 minutes.
10 minutes.
“All in my mind.”
He sighed and trudged to bed, making a mental note to get an appointment with a private therapist.
He fell asleep, surrounded by reflections of him asleep.
Had he opened his eyes that moment, he would have seen the apparition staring at him through his looking glasses of vanity.


No help.
No one could help.
‘He’ was everywhere.
At the boardroom meeting, on the boss’ reflective table.
At the back of the car, in his rear-view mirror.
On Anna’s shiny silver chain, winking at him as he made love to his former wife.
At the gym, watching him sweat to keep in shape.
Even drinking didn’t help. He saw him on every bottle, on every glasses. Smiling, winking, laughing, with that evil glare in his eyes, suggesting to him what he had to do.
Swing Swine.

Back to the Present

“So the swine finally swung.”
Adam turned back sharply.
He walked up to his nemesis and landed him a solid blow.
“Fucking Bastard! Look what you did to me!”
David Winslow smiled at the fury of his former friend and wife snatcher.
“Oh you had it coming. Had I not died in that fatal car crash, I’d have shot you and Anna dead. Yes! That was my plan”
Adam’s eyes widened.
He moved to hit David again the slowly stopped.
He sighed.
“What have you gained? What?”
David smiled slowly.
“Oh my work isn’t done yet. Anna would be joining us in a week.”
“Fucking Bastard! Leave her the fuck alone!”
David became enraged.
“Why! Tell me why! Bloody Adulteress! She deserves to die! You two deserve to die! You ruined my life!”
Several deep breaths later, he calmed down.
“Follow me. There’s someone you’d like to meet”

“Why would i go anywhere with you?”
David shrugged.
“I guess you don’t want to see your wayward biker brother then”
Adam paused for a moment.
“Let’s go”

They walked out of his apartment, strolling amongst the living until they got to a park where a young man sat idly on a bike.
Adam was rooted to the spot immediately he was close enough to recognise the biker.
Charlie got off his bike, a look of disbelief on his face.
“Adam? The hell you doing dead mate?”
Adam stared at his brother.
“Did you kill him also?” He said, furiously addressing David.
Charlie looked at David confused.
“You know my brother? Wait you knew me before? What’s happening?”
David smiled at them.
“Remember my unfinished business Charlie my boy? Yeah, your brother is half of it done.”
Charlie’s eyes widened in surprise and anger.
David glanced at Adam.
“No. He died on his own. But he did give me the special idea I needed for yo..OW!”

He could feel it reverberating through his body.
He glanced down and saw what he suspected.
The Numbness.
“Not yet!” David screamed as he fought the swirling darkness that has enveloped his legs.
How didn’t he notice it earlier?
Tears dropped from the corner of his eyes as he continued his struggle with Fate.
Not now!


Adam watched his former buddy disappear under a black cloud of darkness.
He felt Charlie pull at his shirt.
“Come on bro! He’s gone. I’d explain but we gonna be next!”
They ran to the bike and with a kick, they zoomed off into the darkness, leaving a ghostly cloud of dust in their wake.

And there it is, the real story behind the after-life.
Our dearly departed hover around us, until they are finally taken away by The Numbness.
So shall we hover, until we are all taken away, by The Numbness.

The End

Book of the Dead: Unfinished Business

One minute, he was navigating his Honda car furiously along the high road, the next, he was standing at the pavement.
OK, What’s happened?
He saw a crowd gathered near the road.
What’s happening?
“Excuse me! Please what’s happening?”
The woman he was talking to kept shaking her head, oblivious to his questioning.
He passed through the crowd (easily?) and finally got to the root of the hubbub.
That was his car.
That was him in it, neck at a painful angle, obviously dead.
He was a ghost?
“Just died huh?” A voice said behind him.
He turned in alarm, eyes still wide open in shock at his just discovered revelation.
“You can see me?”
“No. I just made a random remark. I can see you duh!”
He looked at the man addressing him. Pale skinned, long-haired man clad in leather with arms crossed leaning on his wrecked car. He looked real enough. He looked down at himself.
His polo was still in the same shabby condition as it was before he crashed and so were his jeans.
He looked real enough…for a ghost.
“I am a ghost. You can see me. Are you a ghost?”
The young man spat in disgust.
“Were you this slow in life mate??  Of course I’m a ghost! See!”
He plunged his hand into the human standing close to view the corpse and the newly dead man’s eyes widened as he watched the hand dissolve into the skin.
They paused for a beat staring at each other.
Suddenly, the newly dead man’s face twisted itself in rage.
“I can’t die! No! No! I have unfinished business! This is so unfair! Why! Just when i was about to do something right! Why! Argh!”
He swore and punched his car, getting angrier as his hands disappeared into the car, having no impact.
“Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!”

The leather-clad man simply watched him with a lop-sided grin, barely concealing his amusement at the frustration of the shabby looking geezer.
The newly dead man sighed in resignation.
“So. I’m dead. What’s next?”
The leather clad man uncrossed his arm and pointed to the park just off the main road.
“Lets take a walk”
The newly dead man nodded and made his way there, jostling people and muttering an ” Excuse me” as he hit one of the paramedics who had come to tend to him.
With one last look at his deformed body, he sighed in disgust.
“I can’t even die with dignity. Stupid”

….”First of all, welcome to the after-life. As you can see, it’s probably not what you expected. If you were a religious man, you’d be expecting heaven Yes? Well, Welcome to the real life! My name’s Charlie and because we died roughly on the same spot, I won’t mind telling you a thing or two about your new world.”
The newly dead man was silent.
“All i want is to go back to the REAL world. As i said, unfinished business. Dont care about here. Its bad enough I didn’t disappear Poof! Now i have to watch others live their lives while I’m suspended..here?”
Charlie sighed
“You know what man, suit yourself. See ya!”
He got up from the bench and walked to motorcycle idling near a tree.
“Ok! I’m sorry. Please sit down.”
Charlie sighed and walked back to the bench.
“How about we start with your name?”
“David…David Winslow”
Charlie nodded.
“David. As i said, welcome. You probably noticed but around here, things are different. You cn see the rest but they can’t see you. Or hear you. You learn to live with it…until you get taken away by The Numbness.”
“The Numbness? whats that?”
“The Numbness is what you’d probably call Eternal Sleep. You finally disappear like Poof!”
David looked at him.
“And you havent been taken away i guess…”
“Oh i have..i just popped in to say hello. Of course i havent!”
David gave him the look that asked ‘Why?’
“Because, I’m not sure I’m ready to severe my ties with this earth first. And i can also pop into the girls’ toilets at pubs! Wicked!”
He said the latter with a lascivious grin on his slightly pimply face.
David sighed and shook his head, warranting a little poke on his side.
“Come on mate! Dont be old! What are you? like 40?”
“I’m 35 thank you” David huffed. Then he realised something.
“Hold on…You just poked me. And your hands didn’t disappear into me. Yet i felt no pain”
Charlie shrugged.
“It is what it is mate! Crazy place this side of life! The only thing you’d feel is The Numbness. Comes every night it does.”
David nodded slowly.
“Cant get taken away by that. Unfinished business.”
“And i told you nothing you can do.”
David threw him a stubborn glare causing him to shrug and stare at the buxom girl who just sat opposite them.
“Nice tits that one has”
David threw him another glare, embarrassed on her behalf and he chortled.
“So is this what you ghosts do? Spy on people just because they can’t see you? How horrid!”
Charlie laughed harder.
“Hey! you can’t blame us! Nothing much doing around here in the after life. Anyway, some of them can feel our presence.”
David was suddenly piqued.
“Like psychics?”
Charlie shrugged.
“Not necessarily. Just some people sensitive to ‘other beings’ so to speak. You ever have those odd shivers for no reason?”
David nodded.
“Yeah. That’s us probably passing through you…or fondling your man boobs”
He burst into another round of laughter but David’s mind was far away (If mind was what it was called)
David got up.
“Man, where you headed to?”
“You just gave me an idea! Got to go” He smiled at him and shook his hand.
“Aint you going to wait out The Numbness?”
“I’d fight it like you did. Thanks young man.” With that he moved.
Charlie shrugged and looked away
David stopped.
“One more question.”
Charlie reluctantly tore his gaze from his ogling and looked at him in impatience.
“Your bike. How did you remain with it?”
Again, the shrug
“Dunno man. Loved the bike like it was part of my body. Died on it. Only natural I came along with it here”
David nodded and walked away, throwing an unacknowledged wave at Charlie.
He looked at the fast fading sun.
“Unfinished business.”

to be continued…

Before we begin this journey, I’d like to acknowledge the writer of this piece @GenesisMyNameIz, who helped me bring a rambling idea to life…or afterlife! Love you Twinnie! Mwah!
Ok! Back to the story….


Tears filled Charlie’s eyes as the wind whipped his hair straight up and backwards. A part of his mind knew the power bike was going too fast but Fuck it! He revved the engine and the speedometer needle jumped clockwise. He and his Lverda Ferrari F1 bike blurred and merged with the night itself, a booming sensation of violence and speed on the empty highway. The Numbness grew from Charlie’s chest upwards to his neck.
To his face.
He responded to this by shifting backwards in his seat while releasing the clutch with the tip of his left boot. The Power bike roared as the transmission re-ignited and leapt off the ground. In that split second, Charlie looked back and confirmed his fear. The road behind him was being erased by a massive orb of darkness speeding towards him almost as fast as he was moving. He had to go faster.
Faster. Faster.
The Numbness.
Everywhere now.
His eyes.
His mind.
The bike touched the earth back with a resounding ‘Whomp!’ and blazed forward. Charlie gritted his teeth and leaned forward. As long as the road kept coming.
Tonight, Charlie fully intended on outrunning the unexplainable. He zoomed off down the empty highway.

2 hours Earlier…

The small serval wild cat sniffed the wind, hoping upon hope that it could catch the smell of some helpless prey just beneath the bridge connecting the hilly crevice and the highway. Smelling nothing, it sauntered away, preparing to sleep hungry. All of a sudden all the hair on its furry body sprang upwards in alarm! Hissing and spitting, the cat turned upwards towards the bridge… looking for the source of its discomfort … and saw a massive motorcycle coming at fullspeed from the adjoining road about to climb the bridge. The motorcycle almost cleared the sharp corner of the wire meshing surrounding the bridge but at the last instant, slammed into the concrete steel wall of the bridge. The bike exploded immediately; erupting into a golden fireball that illuminated the nightsky for miles around. And the impact flung the body of the rider out of and over the bridge. The cat watched in trepidation as the body rolled head over heels towards its direction, bones cracking with each horrid twist down the hill. Eventually the body rolled to a final stop in a crumpled unnatural heap very close to the serval cat. The cat walked up to the heap and observed it. The rider’s neck had been broken severly and the head almost torn backwards. The chest had caved in and pieces and bits of intestine and innards poked out of the open bowel. The cat looked into the open eyes of the dead rider.
Purring demurely, the cat dug its fangs into the rider’s left eyeball and chewed contentedly.
Dinner came late. But it came afterall.

1 hour Earlier

Charlie picked himself up from the ground where he had fallen. He shook himself free of the dust and checked for broken bones or injuries. Strangely, he felt nothing. Just a numb feeling rising from his toes and circling his bowels. Apparently he had misjudged the curve on the highway bridge and ploughed through the bridge’s wire meshing with his power bike. The force of the impact had hurled him over the bridge while holding the bike captive, throwing him head over heels down the hilly sides of the crevice bordering the highway and the bridge. Charlie shook his head and in doing so, he saw it.

There was someone, No, something standing beside him. He looked up and the numbness floored his entire being. There was an ebb of darkness, blacker than the regular night’s darkness standing beside him. Standing into him. That was the only explanation. Even as he looked down at his hands, little tendrils of darkness swirled from his fingers, wrapped against his chest. Charlie never knew Numbness could hurt. It burnt like a piercing black blue fire in his heart. With a grunt, Charlie fell forward, disconnecting the intruding presence from himself. He looked back and saw the darkness flowing fluidly towards him. There was only one instruction Charlie’s mind screamed at him.


He clambered upwards… Groping with both arms and fingers and legs .. Struggling to climb up the not so steep hill. He could hear his bike’s engine revving idly in the distance. A numb feeling washed over his feet. He looked down and saw the darkness swirling upwards to his groin. With superhuman effort, Charlie broke lose again and ran upwards.

His bike was there. Just slanted against the broken part of the bridge where he had collided with it. The engine was running. The Numbness was clouding his thoughts now.
He had to ..
He had to get away. As fast as possible. Charlie climbed the bike. He revved the engine and the tires screamed as they spun; their traction with the road creating plumes of smoke. Charlie disengaged the brakes and the bike surged ahead, again disconnecting him from the darkness. Just Keep Moving.
Charlie knew he was in for the ride of his life…or after life.
He zoomed off, disappearing and appearing out of buildings, like the ghost he was.

To be continued….

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