How are we doing today? Moody?
Good good.
I’ve got great news for you!
(No, you’re still not HIV negative. -_-)
Phantom Pages has been nominated under the Best Book, Poetry or Writing blog!
I’ll give an early thanks to everyone who brought us this far!
Now, the real voting begins and as usual, I need your help!
*Insert cute smiley*
If you feel Phantom Pages deserves this ‘award’, please go to ->
1.  http://nigerianblogawards.com/vote.php
2. Enter your name and email.
3. Vote for Phantom Pages under the Best Writing section. Vote for others too!
(Sarcastic Centre for Humour!)
4. Send this off and you’ll receive an email asking for confirmation.
5. PLEASE PLEASE click on the link or your vote won’t be counted!

I’ll really appreciate it if you could pass this on every one you know.
*insert another cute smiley*

But wait o.
This award sef sef. What are the winners  getting?
I vote for a year’s supply of small chops. (puff puff, lamb chops, samosa, mince pies, chicken bites)
I know, I am a foodie. -.-

Going to be late for work.
Yay! \(^.^)/
Please don’t forget to vote for Phantom Pages!
Also, a story is coming up on Wednesday; my Poe journey.
If you haven’t, read the former post Red Eye and comment!

Thank you very much for your time.
P.S: I am looking for a houseboy. Must serve Mr breakfast in bed.
Apply Within. (Seshuaaaaa)