The slapping of her shoes on concrete pavement heralded her entrance into Kender street from a by-alley. Panting and running in the darkness barely lit by the street lamps that oozed a dull yellow glow. Sweat running down her face and disappearing into her collar, forming an invisible rivulet only she could feel. Her hands clutching her big bag in a death grip as she tried to out run her yet unseen pursuer. After several hundreds of yards, she slowed to a walk. She craned her neck several times, trying to peer into the gloom, as if gauging the distance between herself and her assailant. She stopped under one of the street lights and ran a quick expert eye on her attire. Her opened neck shirt was smudged with dark splotches on several corners. Nothing she could do about that. Her black skinny jeans didn’t show off any irregularities. Good. It was a hard job running with a bulky frame like hers. Her breathing slowed to a regular pace and as the adrenaline burst dissipated, she began to shiver in the cold summer night.

She needed help. She had to tell someone. Someone needed to know. Quickly with her fingers, she smoothed her dark hair cropped to her skull, pulling out twigs from her hair. She patted down her shirt and took a deep breath. She was ready. She began walking briskly and soon she found her target. A lone man jogging towards her direction, humming a tune to himself. “Excuse me! Please! Please! I need your help” He slowed down and approached her slowly, sizing her up with caution. “Yes?” She approached him and assessed his looks despite the bad lighting. His dark hair was cut closely to his skull, almost lost in the shadows. She couldn’t tell what colour his eyes were, but they possessed a certain hardness the gloom couldn’t hide; hardness that frightened and excited her at the same time. His slightly bushy brows gathered almost together at the centre, his face clearly expressing his irritation at her disturbance. Not bad; not bad at all. He had to be the one. She was desperate.“Please you need to help me. brother collapsed and i need…i need help lifting him into our apartment. Please” Her voice quivered. He looked confused.“Call the ambulance lady. That’s the best bet. I’m sorry” Tears of frustration clouded her vision ans she ground her teeth in a bid to stop herself from wailing.“Please. The ambulance would take forever. You are here and he’s just down the block. I just need to take him in and give him a cold bath. It was just binge drinking. He might choke on his puke if I delay! Oh my God…” She sobbed freely, unable to hold it in any more. Out of the corner of her eyes, as she fished inside her bag for a tissue for her nose, she saw him look at her uncomfortably. ‘Please agree!’ she thought fervently. “Ok! Ok! Lets go get him but please stop crying. Beautiful women shouldn’t cry” he said softly smiling at her in a way that would have freaked her out had she been in a better disposition. She smiled tremulously.“Thank you so much! Thanks!” she hurriedly took his hand and led him into the alley she just ran out from.

Suddenly he screamed “What the fuck!!”                                                                                                                  

“You bastard!! Oh my God! What have you done!! Oh my fucking Jesus!! Police! Call the police!!!” There was a scuffle and they came out of the alley she dragging him back with unnatural strength, holding on for dear life. “Leave me the fuck alone bitch!!!” She had no plans of letting go. Where were the fucking cops when you needed them! She knew there was a station close by. ‘No delays! come on!’ As if by answered prayers, she heard the wailing of the police siren and as soon as she sighted the car,she let him go and walked away quickly to a safe distance, where she could watch unobserved.

He ran.

The incoming police car sighted his escape with the blazing headlamps. Out of reflex, they gave chase and had him cornered at a blocked alley. She watched as he was questioned about the racket and through his hand signals, she knew he was describing her, pointing vaguely at the alley where his pursuit started from. They found the dead body brutally mutilated and immediately arrested him as a suspect, turning deaf ears to his plea of innocence. As he was hauled into the car, she walked away before back up came.

Under the street light, her big maniacal smile . She walked to the nearest bin disposal and brought out a white plastic bag dripping black liquid. She dumped it in as she chuckled to herself. “Well, well ,well. Just got away with another one didn’t I?” She whistled a jaunty tune as she walked away, swallowed into the darkness.

…just who was she?…to be continued