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A Haunting

Presenting for the first time here, @NateOblivion!!!!! Do enjoy!



The infuriating sound had begun again. That incessant scratching that seemed to emanate from deep within the walls, deprived her of sleep and slowly hacked away at her sanity, piece by piece. She sat awake, head held between her arms, rocking back and forth on the white linen sheet. She’d fumigated the house three times in the past two months, but nothing seemed to stop the noise that had been keeping her awake since they had moved into this house in the more salubrious part of Victoria Island six months ago.

Linda’s eyes were bloodshot for lack of sleep and her temper seemed to flare up at the slightest provocation nowadays. She’d already lost one job for yelling at her boss when he pushed her buttons too hard, and so far she’d been caught sleeping on the clock twice at the new one. The school grades of Jumoke, her teenage daughter, was abysmal; a sharp contrast from the straight A’s she’d so easily maintained. Her abusive husband had died (Thank God!) and she used the money he’d left them to buy their luxurious four bedroom house and since then, their lives slowly crumbled around them. Emmanuel, her new love and fiancé, had been there to support them throughout, but he was too caught up in planning their wedding, which was only weeks away.

It had seemed like such a wise decision that day. The house seemed to call out to her, like it had been waiting for her for so long, a haven free of the constant complaining, the blows that had rained on her since forever, a place where she could forget what had happened with David. A place where she and Jumoke could start a new life. Now their fortress had become a personal hell, a torture chamber. The scratching increased in intensity, resounding through the house. She rocked even faster, shaking her head and mumbling to herself. Unable to bear the noise any longer, she bolted from the bed and dashed to the wall and banged it fiercely like a woman deranged. She screamed as she thudded on it repeatedly, cursing loudly. Suddenly, everything went black.

It only took a few seconds to adjust to the vessel, for every part of It’s essence to diffuse through its entirety. Soon enough, it had full control and began to see through it’s eyes. It broke into a smile and began to march towards the other room as though entranced.
The child sat up at the sound of the door.
“Mummy?” she called, her voice tinged with apprehension. “The noise has started again, and it’s scaring me.”
“It’s okay, darling. It’s gone. I’m here now.” It said, in the woman’s light voice.
The child lay back down and turned away. It surveyed her petite frame. She looked so frail, so delicate. When the child had drifted off to sleep, It rose and grabbed the pillow and put it over her head, holding it in a vice like grip. It smothered her, delighting in her muffled screams. She kicked and writhed under the pillow, thrashing about wildly, but It held on till the kicking stopped and the body between its legs lay still. It looked into her cold dead eyes and with a contented grin, vacated the host.

Linda stared in horror at Jumoke’s lifeless body. She looked even more horrified at the pillow she grasped tightly in her hands which she dropped as if it were a poisonous snake. What had she done! She shook her violently and screamed her name at the top of her lungs, her voice choked with tears. Jumoke remained unresponsive, her frightened eyes, fixed with the glassy glare of death. She fell to the floor, rolling and wailing. There was no way to explain it. She must have finally snapped under the pressure and taken it out on her only daughter. She was a murderer, a heartless one at that! She’d killed her husband, and though it was in self defense, it was still murder. Now she had killed her daughter. Her only reason for living was gone. Numbed by grief, she walked down to the utility room, grabbed a rope and fashioned it into a noose as she walked back to her daughter’s room. She gazed into her dead girl’s eyes one more time, to remind herself the reason for her decision. Closing her eyes, she whispered a prayer she knew would not be accepted; not if everything she’d been taught was true. She hung the noose from the ceiling fan and placed a chair below it. She tightened the rope around her neck. With her eyes tightly shut, she thought about Emmanuel and how devastated he would be that about their death. He deserved an explanation. Linda started to loosen the knot on the noose when the chair was suddenly and forcibly kicked out from under her. She panicked and clawed at the rope around her neck. The pain compounded as her trachea closed off, vision swimming. She stretched her toes downwards but she was too short, she tried to swing towards Jumoke’s bed frame but each try only tightened the knot. On her fourth try, her neck snapped. A few wild twitches, and Linda knew no more.

David looked down on their bodies; his daughter’s on the bed, his wife’s dangling from the fan. Gratification flooded his ephemeral being at finally getting even with the worthless woman he’d called his wife, even though it was at the expense of his daughter’s life. She’d broken the blood oath they had undertaken so many years ago, when they were young and drunk on love; an oath to belong to no one but him. Oh how she tempted him sorely! With those slutty dresses she wore and how she blushed when men ogled her body. He made sure he punished her for every little betrayal. She thought he hated her but he loved her, more than she’d ever comprehend. She thought she’d escaped him but even death wasn’t enough to break their bond. Bound to the very blood that coursed her veins, he followed her to her new house, where he waited, hoping she would not go through with her proposed wedding. There was no way he would allow another man have his wife, his property or father his child. He would rather have them join him, where they could be a family again. He grinned. Family forever. But he knew there was a price to pay. He could already feel himself being pulled apart, the darkness rushing in, the glittering teeth of the demons that’d come to mete his eternal punishment.
He welcomed them in.

The End.

And there you have it. Special thanks goes to @nateoblivion for sharing his story with me. You can read more of his works at PTS
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Jane Doe: Trois

Dr Jerry Oakley paused and turned at the sound of the woman calling his name. He tried to place her face unsuccessfully. “How may I help you?” She came closer and his eyes widened a little at how beautiful she was. Long blonde hair, pulled back in a pony tail, sexy grey eyes, and what’s more, very large breasts. Just his type. He put on his best smile. “Hi! I was hoping you’d be able to drop me off just near Kender Street. My car broke down and I really cannot wait for the AA” She said in a soft sweet voice. ‘You betcha honey!’ he smile at his lascivious thought. “That wouldn’t be a problem my dear. How did you know my name by the way? You do not look like I’ve seen you before at my Practice.” He definitely would have noticed her with those amazing racks!’

She had to distract him. She slyly dropped her keys to the ground, bending over to pick them, giving him a full view of her twin peaks. She knew he was staring. The lecher. She straightened up, adjusting her low-cut top even lower, watching his eyes follow their descent unabashed. “So Dr., about the ride…”. He snapped back into the present smiling at her, question forgotten. “Sure! Sure! This way” Suddenly the gentleman, he ushered her into his car, almost bowing, then he ran to his side, and started the car, rushing off with the image of two big mammaries rubbing deliciously on his face.

She pretended to be interested as he gloated about his earnings and connections with the rich and famous, ‘ohing’ and ‘ahhing’ with perfect timing. ‘Just watch how I’d end you, asshole!’she thought merrily, images of his blood gushing getting sexually excited. Her erect nipples poked their heads through her bra, the two tiny men, excited to be excited. She looked at him through lowered eyes and saw him staring perfunctorily, visibly aching to touch. ‘The fool probably thinks he’s turned me on!’ she scoffed, cackling in her head.
Touching his thigh slightly, she rested her left breast near his arm, pointing vaguely to a building she claimed was her former apartment.

He lost control of the car. He was barely concentrating on the road, his thoughts going to what he was going to do with her at her home. The feel of her knobs on his arm, temporarily caused him to blank out, blood rushing to his groin. He quickly gained control, apologising profusely. “Its nothing” she murmured, sitting back. He silently prayed his hard on wasn’t visible through his cotton trousers. ‘Melissa! oh baybay! You’re gonna scream for me!

“Here. We’ve got a car park luckily so I don’t have to park across the street” she said and he slowed the car to a stop. She smiled shyly up at him as she thanked him profusely for the ride. “You’re a Godsend Sir!” she gushed and he smiled graciously.
“Please come in! Even just for a cuppa.”

They walked to her apartment and as she opened the door he stood behind her, appreciating her beautifully shaped behind. ‘Now or never’ With the pretext of helping with the door, he pushed his groin slightly into her. He was sure she felt his erect member. He tensed, waiting for an outraged outburst. None. He did a crazy jig in his head, as she welcomed him into her home. He didn’t wonder why she called it her lair.

‘Modest place. Probably lives alone’. He settled in on the sofa as she bustled to the kitchen.
She whistled a little tune as she made tea, opening one of the many kitchen drawers to find her ‘little tin’. She spilled the contents on the counter, and out pored different coloured pills. Some she knew the effects, others she didn’t.
“Which one would it be?” she whispered to herself. She picked a purple coloured, odd-shaped pill and slipped the rest back into their hiding place. She dropped it into his tea and watched it dissolve, her trademark grin, playing across her lips. “I’d be with you in a minute” she shouted to him. She had no idea what the drug did but she couldn’t wait to find out.

He took the proffered tea merely out of courtesy, and through a long-winded conversation about her job, finished his. He relaxed on her sofa and slowly sidled near her. He saw no objection in her demeanour and slyly stretched his arm around her shoulders. “You’re very beautiful” he whispered, watching her blush prettily. She didn’t resist him as he planted a small kiss to her earlobe. His hands quickly went to his object of affection, squeezing and pulling.

Just as he was about to lower his head to lap at her, his stomach revolted so painfully, he doubled over in pain. He felt hot and cold at he same time. Excruciating pain everywhere, concentrated mostly around his groin. He felt his penis pulsating strongly despite the pain, too strongly. He reached over to ask for her help, when he recoiled at the look on her face. Maniacal glee, glittering soulless eyes. Those sexy grey orbs suddenly weren’t sexy anymore. The hint of madness he noticed when she lowered her eyes in the car had become full-blown. With reptilian grace, she sat astride him, kissing and biting his lips, drawing blood. She roughly hit his hand off his stomach and laughed as he groaned in pain, panting, unable to stop her. She yanked his zipper down, grabbing hold of his hot member, squeezing and pulling . “How does it feel to be squeezed and pulled mm? How!”

He grimaced in pain, face turning red as tears trickled from his eyes. “Plea..please”. She grinned at him, sliding down his body. “Please? Didn’t you want me? Mm? Changed your mind too soon?” He gasped in pain as he felt her mouth on him, biting. ‘Like getting head from a crocodile’ he thought, his sardonic side ever-present. He weakly tried to push her off, dragging at her hair. It slid off her skull easily, revealing her short-cropped black hair.
He stared at the wig in his hand in horror.
Leaving his member hanging, she got up and with expert hands, pulled off the padding on her breasts. His eyes were ready to pop out of his head. ‘Bloody racks weren’t real?’ He willed his sardonic self to shut up. “Wh..who ar..are you?”
Smiling without a word, she held the sides of her face, pulling. To his increased horror, her skin came apart; a face mask. A face stared back at him. A face he knew. “You!” With a well-placed punch, she floored him.
He lost consciousness


He woke up to his hands and feet bound to a chair in a badly lit room, naked. He closed his eyes, willing his fogginess to disappear. Suddenly, the memories of what had transpired flooded into his memory, jolting him to wakefulness. Footsteps. She stood behind the light, obscuring her face. “Long time no see Jerry Oakley” the newly unveiled character said loudly in a voice pitched differently
“We can sort this out please. Don’t do this.” he whispered, voice squeaking tremulously.
“Can we? Can we really”
She walked out and wheeled in a gurney-like table to the light, in his line of sight, a teaser of what was coming.
Fear held his stomach in its strong grip as he saw the tools on the table.
He whimpered, losing control of his bowels.

She laughed harshly, voice made louder by the acoustics in the room.

“Now you see me…”

She picked up a tool, a hammer, from the table and swung it furiously at him, knocking him to the floor.

“…Now you don’t”

(All will be revealed in the next post!)

Jane Doe: Deux

She walked into her dark home, leaving the lights off. Meandering around furniture with a practised ease, she went into a room and with a flick, light came on. The bulb faltered for a moment, reminding her that it was nearing its life’s end. It managed to reveal her room, its effort at chivalry. A sparsely furnished bedroom with a simple oak drawer, beside the bed. No fancy table with books piled to show her interests. No framed pictures lovingly placed on the drawer, to show a heart-throb or a family. A room devoid of life. Neat as it was, she had an odd choice of a wallpaper. Plastered on the walls were newspaper clippings, dated recently about homicide cases. She went to a section on the wall and ripped out pasted on news, making a space ready. “Tomorrow’s front pages would fit in here I hope” she whispered, a small smile tugging at her lips. On the far end of the wall, directly above the bed post, were pictures of five men in what seemed to be graduation gowns. Poor quality pictures printed off the internet from a website listed in blurry letters at the bottom. She dropped her bag on the bed. Pushing her hand into her shirt, a ripping sound was heard as she revealed carefully moulded pads. She flattened the suddenly big shirt over her real frame, sighing in relief. Fishing a red magic marker from the drawer, she went back to bed and gazed unthinkingly at the five pictures. Three of them had been crossed out with a red marker.

Placing her lips softly on the fourth photo, she kissed the image of the man softly. “Mark. Dr Mark” she whispered to the photo as if addressing a lover. With great care she drew two diagonal lines on the paper bearing his image. She sniffed at the smell of alcohol that wafted from the marker as she admired her work fondly. Her gaze went to the first paper-images of the bunch. “John” she whispered seductively. “The joker of the group”. With a little sigh, she moved to the next images. “Clive, the smart ass.”  “Tony, the quiet demon.” “Mark. Oh Mark, my latest addition. Hope you remembered me?” She cackled loudly to herself. The bedroom light illuminated her face as she threw back her head and laughed at the private joke in her head. Dark, long lashes fanned her almost colourless gray eyes, deep-set in pale skin glowing sickly yellow. Her a pert nose sat prettily above slightly fleshy red lips exposing yellowed teeth which testified to her fondness for cigarettes. She fell on the bed, driven to fits of giggles that bordered on the maniacal, curling herself on the plain white sheets till she modelled a foetus. Coughing fits. Her body shook as she got off the bed, rushing out of the room. She came in with a half full glass of clear liquid to her lips, walking over to the spot where the fifth unmarked picture sat. “Jerry, the mastermind. Jerry the prick. Jerry the asshole. Jerry the FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Her chest heaved. She drained the glass and placed it on the drawer. ‘Calm as the sea, baby. Calm as the Dead Sea. ‘ Suddenly, thoughts gathered into he mind, each striking her with the force of a slap from a body builder. She sat down on the bed, cradling her head. Would there be more? What next after Jerry? She couldn’t deceive herself. She did enjoy killing. The smell of fear mingled in their sweat. The look of terror blazing in their eyes. Was it just the sweet taste of revenge she was relishing? Was there more to the orgasms she had at night, masturbating to the thoughts of that dark, dripping liquid called blood? Then again, killing another after Jerry would make her a murderer! She wasn’t a murderer. An avenger, yes. Did she want to be a murderer? She rocked back and forth on the bed. If she killed more, she would become a serial killer…wouldn’t she? The most notorious since Jack the Ripper perhaps?  She rocked faster, the thoughts driving her into a frenzied ball of excitement.

She paused. “No. I am a good person. I pay my taxes. I obey the laws. I am not a murderer. Avenger, yes. Criminal, no!” She sighed, spent. Her rocking stopped. Above her bowed head, the light bulb flickered. Its dying breath, a bright flash of light, a bow to ‘Her Majesty’ before it died, plunging the room into darkness. Seconds late, the springs of the bed groaned in pleasure, welcome the weight of its owner, glad it could finally get the warmth it rightly deserved.

…to be continued…

Jane Doe: Un

The slapping of her shoes on concrete pavement heralded her entrance into Kender street from a by-alley. Panting and running in the darkness barely lit by the street lamps that oozed a dull yellow glow. Sweat running down her face and disappearing into her collar, forming an invisible rivulet only she could feel. Her hands clutching her big bag in a death grip as she tried to out run her yet unseen pursuer. After several hundreds of yards, she slowed to a walk. She craned her neck several times, trying to peer into the gloom, as if gauging the distance between herself and her assailant. She stopped under one of the street lights and ran a quick expert eye on her attire. Her opened neck shirt was smudged with dark splotches on several corners. Nothing she could do about that. Her black skinny jeans didn’t show off any irregularities. Good. It was a hard job running with a bulky frame like hers. Her breathing slowed to a regular pace and as the adrenaline burst dissipated, she began to shiver in the cold summer night.

She needed help. She had to tell someone. Someone needed to know. Quickly with her fingers, she smoothed her dark hair cropped to her skull, pulling out twigs from her hair. She patted down her shirt and took a deep breath. She was ready. She began walking briskly and soon she found her target. A lone man jogging towards her direction, humming a tune to himself. “Excuse me! Please! Please! I need your help” He slowed down and approached her slowly, sizing her up with caution. “Yes?” She approached him and assessed his looks despite the bad lighting. His dark hair was cut closely to his skull, almost lost in the shadows. She couldn’t tell what colour his eyes were, but they possessed a certain hardness the gloom couldn’t hide; hardness that frightened and excited her at the same time. His slightly bushy brows gathered almost together at the centre, his face clearly expressing his irritation at her disturbance. Not bad; not bad at all. He had to be the one. She was desperate.“Please you need to help me. My..my brother collapsed and i need…i need help lifting him into our apartment. Please” Her voice quivered. He looked confused.“Call the ambulance lady. That’s the best bet. I’m sorry” Tears of frustration clouded her vision ans she ground her teeth in a bid to stop herself from wailing.“Please. The ambulance would take forever. You are here and he’s just down the block. I just need to take him in and give him a cold bath. It was just binge drinking. He might choke on his puke if I delay! Oh my God…” She sobbed freely, unable to hold it in any more. Out of the corner of her eyes, as she fished inside her bag for a tissue for her nose, she saw him look at her uncomfortably. ‘Please agree!’ she thought fervently. “Ok! Ok! Lets go get him but please stop crying. Beautiful women shouldn’t cry” he said softly smiling at her in a way that would have freaked her out had she been in a better disposition. She smiled tremulously.“Thank you so much! Thanks!” she hurriedly took his hand and led him into the alley she just ran out from.

Suddenly he screamed “What the fuck!!”                                                                                                                  

“You bastard!! Oh my God! What have you done!! Oh my fucking Jesus!! Police! Call the police!!!” There was a scuffle and they came out of the alley she dragging him back with unnatural strength, holding on for dear life. “Leave me the fuck alone bitch!!!” She had no plans of letting go. Where were the fucking cops when you needed them! She knew there was a station close by. ‘No delays! come on!’ As if by answered prayers, she heard the wailing of the police siren and as soon as she sighted the car,she let him go and walked away quickly to a safe distance, where she could watch unobserved.

He ran.

The incoming police car sighted his escape with the blazing headlamps. Out of reflex, they gave chase and had him cornered at a blocked alley. She watched as he was questioned about the racket and through his hand signals, she knew he was describing her, pointing vaguely at the alley where his pursuit started from. They found the dead body brutally mutilated and immediately arrested him as a suspect, turning deaf ears to his plea of innocence. As he was hauled into the car, she walked away before back up came.

Under the street light, her big maniacal smile . She walked to the nearest bin disposal and brought out a white plastic bag dripping black liquid. She dumped it in as she chuckled to herself. “Well, well ,well. Just got away with another one didn’t I?” She whistled a jaunty tune as she walked away, swallowed into the darkness.

…just who was she?…to be continued

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