After a fevered night of typing, I bring to you today’s post.
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He woke up disgruntled.
The heat was killing.
He sighed and rolled to his back on the hard bed, wincing in distaste. He folded his beefy arms around his head and stared lazily at the ceiling, watching the blades of the fan rotating slowly before they came to a stop.
He hissed under his breath, mumbling curses at the country’s power supply company. He maintained his position for a moment, staring at nothing in particular, noting the specks of dust on the fan, wondering if it has ever seen a rag.
His stomach then chose to rumble, breaking him out of his reverie. He mumbled another string of even more colourful curses and pushed himself up. He sat on the bed for a little while, turning his slightly thick neck sideways to ease the tension in his neck muscles. His stomach rumbled again, as if in reminder and sighing, he got out of bed.
He stumbled on a sleeping body on the floor and let out a short expletive as he managed to regain his balance.
“Idiot!” he muttered furiously and delivered a well-aimed kick at the body before leaving, hardly listening to the mumbled sleepy complaints coming out of the confines of the cloth.
He walked to the kitchen and opened the white standing fridge.
It barely had anything edible in it.
He sighed and turned to the gas cooker. There was a pot half opened on it, table top littered with grains of rice. He smiled and walked to the rack that had plates at a corner and picked a ceramic plate. He walked back to the pot and opened.
It was empty.
“Oooooh!” he grumbled, slamming the pot cover back on and throwing the empty plate on the floor in anger.
“Ah Ahn! Who don break plate for that kitchen!” a voice angrily yelled from the living room.
He kicked at the bigger  pieces of the broken plate and gingerly stepped over the smaller ones. He had no plans to clean up. If anyone stepped on them and got injured, good for them.
Growling angrily, he walked to the living room where his house mate, Fredo, sat.
“Mace so na you dey break plate! What’s wrong with this nigga! You think you’re in your father’s house?” Fredo said between mouthfuls, pointing angrily at Mace with a spoon.
Mace stared at his skinny frame, clad in a white shirt and washed out jeans.
“Dude why didn’t you leave food for me!”
Fredo eyed him and suddenly laughed.
“This boy sef! That’s why you’re breaking Presido’s plates. Oya come we can share mine. Go bring spoon come.”
Mace walked to Fredo and snatched the plate of food out of his hand.
“You’ve eaten enough.”
He collected the spoon out the shocked hands of Fredo and began shovelling jollof rice into his mouth. Fredo snapped back to present and stood up angrily.
“E be like say you take crase wake up this evening Mace! Why will you collect the food I’m eating! It’s like your mother did not teach you manners abi?”
Mace paused and turned to him. His glare shut up Fredo.
“Don’t mention my mother dude.”
Fredo stammered and huffed. “Ehn! Is..Is that not why your father disowned you? Better gaan beg your rich papa to take you back and stop eating our food here!”
Mace advanced menacingly towards him and Fredo backed down instinctively.
“Presido!” he shouted. “Come warn Mace o!”
Mace eyed him and suddenly chuckled. He sat down on the lumpy sofa, cursing it for its lumpiness.
A second later, another man entered into the living room. Fredo went to stand beside him.
Mace paused from his eating to stare at the heavily muscled Presido.
“I was eating and this your boy Mace snatched the food from me” Fredo said.
Presido chuckled and shook his head “Mace boy, you need a job. You need to let off some steam.”
Mace mumbled and continued eating. Presido turned to Fredo “Dude no worry just go clean the kitchen. I’ll buy you a big bottle of Black”
Fredo huffed and mumbled “Every time you go just dey treat Mace like say him be King. Just sake of say na butter kid wey fine small…”
“My friend shut up” Presido growled and Fredo’s mouth clamped shut. Without waiting for further words, he went to the kitchen.
Presido sat down and sighed. “But Mace you gats chill sometimes. This your stubbornness shouldn’t be a problem here o.”
Mace effected a contrite look, even though his lips were curved in a sneer.
Presido shook his head at his goose, laying him golden eggs.
After Mace’s arrival, his business booming. Mace was his prime Runz boy but he had to admit, the boy’s temper was an issue he’d soon have to deal with. There should be ways of fucking him up a little without spoiling his good looks.
Mace dropped his plate and relaxed, or tried to anyway, on the sofa.
“Look Prezz I know what you thinking. I’m a handful. Just sometimes I get bloody frustrated with this whole thing you know! This life is kinda rough and It does take some getting used to. If my bloody asshole of a father wasn’t so uptight  and annoying with his strictness, I won’t be here and you  know that. Plus I know I’ve made more money for you that those girls you play pimp to.”
Presido said nothing, watching unblinkingly and Mace squirmed a little at his scrutiny.
“Mace…” Presido said and suddenly laughed.
He brought out a Blackberry from his pocket.
“You’ve got a client. Number two. Code name, Dave. He’ll be at the Oriental Hotel for 8pm. He’s paid his deposit. Would forward the details to you.”
Mace nodded, smiling. Finally.
Some action.
Presido started to walk away and stopped, turning “You better be good. This one smells boxed up. He might give you a tip.”
“No worries”
Presido nodded his head and walked off.
Mack brought out his phone and checked the time.
He needed to start getting ready.
Smiling, he got up and walked back to his room.
Quickly, he donned his finest suit he had managed to take out of the house before his father had unceremoniously kicked his butt out.
He prepped himself up in front of the mirror and satisfied, he smiled seductively at his reflection.
The reason he made so much money for Presido wasn’t just because of his good looks. He was the only guy in Presido’s employ that was ready to service other men. And other men sure did pay well to get their services.
He had no scruples.
He associated Morality with his parents and wanted no part of it. They could go stick their religious beliefs up their butts for all he cared. While he stuck his…beliefs up another guy’s..
He grinned at the thought.
His phone buzzed and he checked to see the details Presido had sent.
Ready, he left the house.

He arrived at the restaurant where he was supposed to be meeting his ‘client’ and walked in, expertly surveyed the room, looking for Code Name: Dave.
He was looking out for a man, he didn’t have an age to go with, sitting alone, probably drinking alone, looking awkward and fidgety.
His eyes hovered from his vantage position until he spotted the man that fit the bill.
His jaws unhinged for a second.
Suddenly he smiled.
Wearing his thick, dark shades around his face, he walked up to a 60-something year old looking man and sat down, unasked.
“Dave” Mace said in a gruff voice.
The man stared at him and nodded. “You’re Mace? You come highly recommended.”
Mace smiled slightly and nodded.
“What hotel are we booked for?”
The man smiled “Drinks first. You must be thirsty.”
He winked and Mace smiled in return.
He watched as the man called the attention of a waiter and without asking him, ordered for another bottle of wine.
Mace looked at the expensive wristwatch on his wrist that jingled as he gesticulated and smiled to himself. He saw the man had no wedding ring on, though the indention of a wedding band was still on his finger.
Mace’s smile widened.
“You have a beautiful smile” the man said as the waiter walked off.
Mace nodded his thanks and the man smiled.
“Why not take off your glasses? We’re indoors. Or is it one of the latest fads with you guys now? I can’t keep up!”
Mace smiled. “Take it off?”
The man nodded. “Yea.”
Mace smiled again. “Sure?”
The man’s brows furrowed. “Yea..sure”
Mace nodded and grinning evilly,he removed his shades.
A laugh escaped his mouth at the indrawn breath of the man before him.
Mace…Mason smiled.
“Hello Daddy. Chief David Akinbalogun. Dave. Fancy seeing you here.”
He threw his head back and laughed at the stunned, fearful expression on his father’s face.
“I’m guessing Mummy doesn’t know about your…soliciting. Yes?”
His father gulped, eyes wide, gasping.
The waiter came at that moment with the bottle and Mason smiled at him
“A glass of water please. Someone would be needing it.”
The waiter nodded and left.
He watched his father squirm, hands shaking.
Mason chuckled.
“To think that you were my next client? Amazing!”
His father coughed, looking around helplessly; looking anywhere but at Mason.
“You kicked me out of your bloody house because I was ‘too violent’. ‘A drop-out’. ‘A drug user’.
Mason smiled, his eyes twinkling in delight.
“So Daddy, it seemed I won’t be coming back home over your dead body as you predicted.”
His father said nothing, head bowed.
“It seems you would be telling Mummy her son is coming back home. Or I would be telling her an interesting story about her husband…”
His father sighed and put his hands on his head. “How much do you want?” he mumbled.
“Old man, chill. Let’s drink our wine before we discuss business. You and I are in for a ride of our lives” Mason said, mocking, wiping tears of mirth out of his eyes.
“Damn..” he said softly, bringing his phone out of his pocket, grinning. “Today just got interesting..”
He sent Presido a quick text.

“Seems I’ve hit the JACKPOT”

His father wiped a tear rolling down out of the corner of his eye.