We are almost at the end of the month!
Today, a first-timer on Phantom Pages would be taking the onerous task of entertaining us today.
@iamosegun, over to you!



Sorrow makes us wear

Hope is what brought us here

Fear keeps us here

Reason shows us where

Faith takes us near

Belief brings us there

God is everywhere


 I have sold my rights

I sold them a penny apiece

I have lost the light

I lost it while looking for peace

This is where I am

The place I never longed to be

My tears have broken the Dam

This is not what I was meant to see

I guess I always had it coming

After all the things I have done

The bridges of my past are still burning

Doused with pride, set ablaze in Rage and a temper that’s worn.

No time to regret the past

That time will never come

I pray it’ll all be forgotten fast,

O dear bright future, here I come.


Amen to forgotten pasts and bright futures!
Thanks, @iamosegun for these pieces. I purposely put Sorrow first because it seemed like a beginning and Reflection seemed a good end. Do keep on havin flashes of inspiration and you’re always welcome here!
Enough famzing for today,