His homie had betrayed him one too many times. Too often had he relied on his homie, staying by his side, trying to open a door with two locks on either side only to be opened by two people working together, synergizing to create a miracle. His homie had betrayed him for the last time; never ever there when he needed him the most. Only there to take, take, take, giving back only in mere words of appreciation. Too long had he hoped that his homie would at least change his rigid patterns of behaviour just once and arouse a dormant brain cell in his skull causing a sort of cathartic feeling in his being.
He had had enough of It all. This wishful thinking, hoping for a better tomorrow. A Change that will never come, a new perception of an old occurrence. All the expectations led him to distance himself from his homie. One night he went to a bar and had one too many drinks. That was where he met Sue.

Sue wasn’t a Perfect 10 Model. She was like a coked out hooker with bad plastic surgery; think Courtney Love, only uglier. She had tattered bleached blond hair that looked more like spider webs hanging from her skull. Her voice was husky and she had a small pot belly protruding from her ragged red dress. He was drunk and she was desperate for something no one would give to her in a sober state. They both went to Sue’s Side and had sex. When he was done from Sue’s Side, he left.
A couple of years Later, he fell ill and found out he had AIDS.

He decided he was not going to let the illness wear him down. He was going to use it more as an Awakener. He lived more daringly, on the edge, having fled his from his homies side, awakened by his encounter in Sue’s Side. He lived life to the full.
Then one day, he had another encounter in Sue’s Side. He was in a car coming back from the club, driving on the freeway at high speed, drunk, having managed to score some lude from a dealer which added to his haze. When he descended the freeway, He switched to the wrong lane and crashed head-on with a Range Rover Sport, colliding and crushing himself to the chair. He managed to survive the accident though after numerous re constructive surgery. He was never the same; looking like a circus freak. How people would forever notice your disability in their minds but talk to you and act like they don’t. He was scarred, his face resembling a character from a horror movie. His chest caved In from the accident so he walked bent with an ugly slouch. He later found out the lady driving the Range Rover was a Susan Summers. She had died from the crash while he barely survived but forever scarred, ostracised from civilisation. This was his second encounter with a Sue.

His homie checked on him when he was still in a coma but decided to leave Him then and there. He didn’t want to be around someone who people pitied as he walked the street. After the torment and the affliction of being forever treated differently like a complete passive pussy, spineless and should be forever pitied, women smiling a plastic smile with fear and repulsion written all over their faces. Folks crossing the streets as he walked on by. He decided he had had enough. This was last and final encounter in Sue’s SIde.

He Went to a pot dealer to find out about psychedelic drugs. He was directed to a strange looking man. This person looked completely cut off from society; shabby and care worn. An eccentric man he was indeed.
“Peyote” the man said gruffly, handing him a substance. He told ingesting it would cause the Spirit of ‘Mescalito’ to guide him to the light. He bought a couple of peyote buttons and ingested it the next day. He drove to a cliff and this was where He Met Sue for the last time.

It was evening.
The sun orange, painting the sky the same hue. There he was, standing on a cliff, beneath 200ft of nothing but rocks. He injested the peyote buttons and waited for it to kick in. He first saw a butterfly with a lion’s head whisper “Sue Side”, the voice echoing fading into nothingness with each sound. It was suddenly twilight and he looked down to see himself standing in the sky, the cliff above him.

Thoughts becoming erratic.
He felt himself melting like ice,turning to liquid and dripping in a golden cup. A giant female carried the cup.
“HI! ITS ME, SUE” she said but this Sue wasn’t the woman he met at the bar. This one was pretty, blonde hair verging on gold, and voice like a lullaby. There she was, garbed in white like an angel. She grabbed the cup and held it close to her mouth.
She drank him as the liquid from the golden chalice and he was inside her, falling in a black vortex.

A voice called from the blackness. Feminine.
“Do you remember me? I have been with you your whole life. Since you were little. Sue has been by your Side all this time. Right from the very first thought of me when you got humiliated by that school bully. You thought of me those lonely nights when you were cold and alone, my essence there to keep you warm.
I was there when you got diseased, when you crashed your Face and I’m here with you now. I’ve tried to take you in full embrace but you denied my love. You don’t want to be on Sue’s Side. Tonight, we will finally be together forever”

In the real world, he was close to the edge of the cliff. Hallucinating, still falling in the black vortex. He saw two hands come out of the blackness like they were trying to embrace.
“Come to Sues Side. Come to Sues Side” thr shadows uttered with each word, a different tone and pitch of feminine voice.

He thought of his deformity and sickness
He had nothing to lose.
He stopped resisting and hugged Sue.
He fell off the cliff and landed on the floor, blood painting the rocks.

A suicide note was later found in his car and police closed the case.
It was Suicide.