Allo mes amies! Ça va?
Decided to take a leaf out of Mae Gregory’s book and do a time capsule for my memories of 2012. Do check out Mae’s blog on here ->



12 months, each with their own troubles; with their own blessings.
I cannot remember the earlier months, of course. This is probably because nothing spectacular happened in them.
Actually, something did, Me. I remained alive.
I remember March; not because it is my birth month or because I remember my birthday, but because of the amount of stress I went through with course works.
April. May. June.
Relationship shook. New friends made. New discoveries about myself; about my capabilities as a human.
I use human as opposed to person because human denotes sides of the emotional.
Like a chemical reaction, old bonds broke and new bonds formed. Not an equilibrium reaction so there’s no going back.
LOL at my little scientific humour. Don’t worry if you don’t get it. Not about to teach you Le Chatelier’s Principle.
July to September.
Decisions to make bugged. To remain safe or to? To open up or not to? To take risks or not to?
I took it head on.
Not the easiest choices to make, but I have absolutely no regrets.
October to December.
The wait. The trickle of rejection. The waves of indecision and depression. I got over it.
Again, new bonds formed. Another chemistry in action.
God happened in my life. Strengthened me more. I know i’m a shit head on a good day but He hasn’t given up on my naughty self yet.
He gave me rain and I expect a bumper harvest soon.
He gave me fire to refine me like gold.
He gave me another Fire to complete my soul.
Spoke to my dad for the first time after six years of silence. In less than sixty seconds of conversation, I realized how much I had missed him. I realized how much I allowed myself channel this feeling through my hate. Through my hate, he remained with me. In less than sixty seconds, I realized how much I actually do still love him, annoying and irresponsible as his deeds were.
After some hours of turmoil, I decided it was actually OK to miss him and love him. I probably came to this decision late but better late than never.

The year isn’t over yet and I know many more good things would happen.
Decided to put like a ship in bottle, all my worries – my fears, my bitterness, my rage, my mood swings – into a bottle large enough to contain them.
I’ve decided to take that bottle with me to a beach and toss it into a sea; watch it float away.
That is what I’ve put in my time capsule. And I have sent it back in time where it would hurt me no more.

Sakura blooms, radiant with life and colour.
So will I…
So will I.

And you too!