“Nkem, my love. Hear me out please.
I love you baby. I really do.
Are you listening to me?
Ok, I said I love you.
I’m sorry for all the hurt, all the stupid drama.
I’m on my knees.
Please take me back.
Remember the good times?
The laughter we shared at our wedding?
I held your hand as you pushed out Ebuka with his big head into this world.
Baby even through the bad times,
We stuck together!
This is just another bad time now.
Look into my eyes and say you don’t love me.
Please Nkem, stop shaking your head.
I know I promised never to go down that road.
Just this once, forgive me.
I don’t know what got into me!
Come on Nkem! She’s just the house help!
Really, that girl means nothing.
I know, I know that’s what I said the last time.
I didn’t sleep with my secretary!
That is a lie!!
Listen, I’m a man! I’m weak baby!
Oh and remember you caused it!
You wouldn’t let me touch you.
What do you want me to do??
Don’t cry baby.
I can’t watch you cry please!
I’d get help.
I’d seek counselling.
It’s the drink.
Makes me do things baby.
I know I said I’d stop.
It takes time you know!
At least be patient!
Hold on don’t walk away!
Don’t walk away I’m talking to you!
Ok..Ok..I will unhand you but please don’t walk away.
What do you mean?
I’m not violent!
Stop saying these things. They are lies!
Who said that??
Let me guess, Titi right?
You’ve been listening to her?
She’s just jealous!
She’s ruined her marriage.
She doesn’t have what we’ve got going.
What do you mean what have we got going!
We have a family.
Oh stop giving me that dirty look ok!
I’m human. I make mistakes!
Listen to me woman!
Shut up and listen!
I’m your husband!
You cannot leave me.
What would people say ehn?
Is this your plan?
To disgrace me?
Has it come to this!
Has it!
Answer me!
Look at what you made me do now.
I don’t want to hurt you.
No! I’m not going to let you be.
You belong here!
What about the kids Nkem?
You can’t take my kids!
I won’t let you!
What is wrong with you woman!
Are you mad???
When did you become this rude!
Now look what you’ve made me do!
Stop that nonsense my friend and stand up.
Come on! I didn’t push that hard.
Chineke okike!
Didn’t know you’d hit your head na!
Nkem oo?
Nkem oma m!
Ngwa you can go.
The devil is a liar
Holyghost fire!
Chinedu what have you done!
…what have I done?”